Lili (lilithmagna) wrote,

Lib Dem conference questions Legal Aid Cuts

The long motion which can be found at concluded

I)     Before undertaking any further changes to Legal Aid, commission an independent study on the overall cost to public funds due to the impact on other budgets and other government departments as a consequence of any loss of access to adequate legal advice by those with housing, immigration, employment and education cases. 

II)     Ensure that proper consideration be given for the scope for savings to be made by improvements in Legal Services Commission decision-making and by reducing the costs of appeals by raising the quality of first decisions by public authorities.

III)     Reject any changes to Legal Aid which lead to significant reductions in access to justice, a lack of sustainability of public funded legal services or false economies as a result of knock-on costs to public funds of cuts to legal aid.

So come on you Lib Dems out there- a fairer society is in danger. The average Legal Aid lawyer's salary is £25k. Join Justice for All!

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