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Sigh, why do I bother

A link to a LIB Dem Activist on Liberal Democrat Voice attacks Legal Aid Cuts. Link here, text below

Why so quiet Livejournal- whether or not you're a Lib Dem, don't you find it disgusting that the MP's are backing this with hardly a murmur?

"Lib Dem Voice last week featured a brief post on the Coalition’s plans for legal aid reform. But this is an important
change that’s been passed with barely a murmur from any Lib Dem MPs, when in fact it strikes at a principle at the heart of the party – civil

The bill in which this change is contained, the Legal Aid, Sentencingand Punishment of Offenders Bill, is currently making its way through the House of Commons. For something that will have fairly drastic effects on many people’s access to justice there has been relatively little talk about it, so I thought it was worth having a slightly closerlook at the proposals and why it should concern Lib Dems.

The Ministry of Justice claims that the British legal system is “the most expensive in the world”. The cuts are an effort to reduce the annual legal aid bill of £2.1 billionand will fall in particular on cases involving immigration, employment, debt, welfare benefit, divorce, and welfare benefits among others.

Unsurprisingly, these cuts have been met with significant opposition from many lawyers and civil liberties campaigners. Liberty saysthat the changes will “ensure that court doors in England and Wales are effectively locked to anyone other than criminal defendants and thesuper-rich”.

The lawyers agree, arguing that “its proposals will be a hammer blow to some of the most vulnerable people in our society”.On top of that, the chairman-elect of the Bar Council has criticised the reforms as being potentially damaging to UK business and even threatening to undermine the rule of law.Regardless of the financial implications of the cuts, and, at £2.1billion, many might argue the current legal aid system provides valuefor money, what is at threat here is a principle of UK justice: equalaccess for all to free and independent legal advice.

This principle was introduced in the 1984 Police and CriminalEvidence Act (known colloquially at PACE amongst legal aid lawyers) inresponse to several high profile miscarriages of justice in the 1970s,such as the Guildford Four.

Some Liberal Democrat MPs such as Tom Brake, are speaking out against the changes; the worry is that they are currently slipping through relatively unnoticed when instead this should be something of a totemic issue for the party. Let’s hope Liberal Democrat peers in the

Lords are listening.

* Alex Paul is a Lib Dem member and student activist, originallyfrom West London but now living and studying in Edinburgh. He sits on
Liberal Youth Scotland’s executive and studies international relations in his spare time.


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